Commercial Roof Restoration Services

Roofer Applying a Commercial Roof Restoration

Applying a Commercial Roof Restoration Can Extend the Life of Your Roof and Save You Money.

Are you a commercial building owner stuck with an aging or damaged roof? In lieu of replacing your roofing, you might want to consider an inexpensive and efficient roofing restoration. Restorations can repair many common issues such as leaks, cracks, or ponding. Instead of paying more for an improved roof, you can choose to pay less by choosing restoration. If your roof is left too long without a restoration, it may need to be replaced instead. For a speedy and affordable commercial roof restoration in Louisville, KY, call the roofing experts of JAGG Premium Roofing Systems for help. We work with the industry’s leading manufacturers and distributors to provide quality roofing products to all our commercial roofing customers. Contact us at (502) 694-4771 to get started restoring your roof today.

Why Choose a Commercial Roof Restoration?

Flat Roof That Could Benefit From a Commercial Roof Restoration

A Commercial Roof Restoration Can Resolve a Wide Range of Problems on Your Flat Roofing System.

Keeping your roofing in good shape with consistent maintenance is an efficient way to keep your costly roofing system in great shape. However, even the best maintenance adherence can’t prevent the effects of aging forever. Your roof system will eventually require a commercial roof restoration, or a more expensive commercial roofing replacement. Our commercial roof restoration methods are not only affordable but will also defend the surface of your roof with a resilient roof coating that can last for up to a decade. Once the decade has passed, you can easily add a new coating over the existing one for an extra a decade of roofing protection. The kind of roof coating we utilize relies on your current roofing material, along with your budget.

Among all of the advantages that come with a restorative roof coating, the affordable cost is listed among the greatest. If you have a roof replaced, you are billed for the previous roofing’s removal, and you pay to have the hundreds of pounds of waste thrown away. A roof restoration saves your money and saves the landfill from additional waste because roof coatings are installed on top of your existing roof system. Call our roof professionals now at (502) 694-4771 to discover more about the benefits and prices of a commercial roof restoration in Louisville, KY!