EPDM Roofing Installations

Do You Need EPDM Roofing Installations?

EPDM Roofing Installations Offer Excellent Protection Against Leaks and Water Damage.

One of the greatest worries for office building owners is having the interior of the structure, as well as the individuals inside, fully protected. With a roofing system that is sturdy and able to hold up for years to come, it lets business owners get a better peace of mind. Having an EPDM roof, commercial building owners never have to worry because these roofing systems are sturdy, weather resistant, and are also wonderful at reducing energy costs.

The roofing contractors at JAGG Premium Roofing Systems are here to offer customers in Louisville, KY with state-of-the-art EPDM  roofing installations that they can trust. The professional roofing contractors can present clients with EPDM roof constructions that are able to have their roof looking nicer and lasting longer than their previous commercial roof. For a roofing contractor who is experienced in EPDM roofing installations in Louisville, KY, call JAGG Premium Roofing Systems at (502) 694-4771, for the greatest quality EPDM roofing imaginable.

Benefits of EPDM Roofing Installations

One big perk of an EPDM roofing system is how sturdy and powerful they are, but they also have many other functionalities that can benefit office structures and business owners.

Very Simple to Install: EPDM roofs are incredibly easy to install and can be finished very fast just by utilizing adhesive to keep the roofing system in position and roll the EPDM material down.

Cost-Effective: One of the greatest advantages of EPDM roofing systems is that it is an affordable roofing system, which makes it great for larger roofs that require additional material.

EPDM Roofs Hold Up For Years: The warranty for an EPDM roof is about 20 years, but it is able to hold up even longer than that.

Reduce Energy Costs: EPDM utilizes a wonderful reflective material which will lower the cost of cooling bills in warmer months and get warmer airflow inside with its great insulating abilities in winter seasons.

Roof After an EPDM Roofing Installation

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Greater Resilience of Temperatures: An EPDM roofing system is a great solution for any region since the roofing system can expand when it’s warm outside, or constrict if it’s cooler outdoors.

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We can achieve this by following all security roof codes and guidelines, using the best materials, and ensuring that every installation is done correctly. The roofers at JAGG Premium Roofing Systems put the needs of our clients first by providing affordable and superior roofing installations. If you are curious about our EPDM roofing installations in Louisville, KY, contact us (502) 694-4771 now.