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Are you requiring industrial roofing contractors to oversee or finish a new or existing roof project? Unsurprisingly, industrial buildings need a more durable roof than your general commercial roof option. At JAGG Premium Roofing Systems, we’re your local industrial roofing contractor in Louisville, KY, and we can assist you with industrial roof jobs of any variety. To talk with an expert, give us a ring today at (502) 694-4771, and tell us how we can help you best.

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Many clients ask us what makes industrial roofing so different from commercial roof systems. Many varying attributes affect the longevity of an industrial roof, from the fluctuating heats to the varying chemicals it might be exposed to. The surface of the roof is additionally in danger of being damaged by things such as dirt, which slowly but surely form weakened areas of the roof. Expert industrial roofing contractors can inform you about exactly which kind of challenges your industrial roof is susceptible to, and help you figure out what the perfect solution is.

Office Building Needing to Employ an Industrial Roofing Contractor

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For example, manufacturing facilities tend to have many vents and exhaust fans on the roof, which provides many chances for leaking, whereas medical facilities tend to house many HVAC units on the roof, which will add to the amount of wear and tear on the roofing materials. Every addition to your roof calls for more protection from leaks, but the roof material also needs to be able to expand and contract as the temperature changes. Watching out for issues like these calls for a trained professional, and as your local industrial roofing contractor, we are happy to evaluate your current roofing, and then go over with you the different methods we can utilize to fix it! Click on the links below, or contact our staff at JAGG Premium Roofing Systems at (502) 694-4771 to learn more about our services as an industrial roofing contractor in Louisville, KY.

  • Office Building Roof Repair Office buildings need special procedures when working on the roofs, and our experts understand exactly what to do.
  • Government Roofing Contractor Contact our team the next time you require an industrial roofer for your government roof contract!
  • Hospital Roof Repair Hospitals and healthcare facilities require specialized roofing services, but the professionals at [nw_data field=company] can assist you!
  • Agricultural Roofing Protecting your agricultural property is a lot of work, but the right roofing can take on the majority of the responsibility.

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Experience plays a large role in the overall quality of a project, so make sure to bear that in mind when you speak with industrial roofing contractors. There are many industrial roofing materials to choose from, but we have what it takes to work with all of them, so we can effectively assist you with any of your industrial roofing projects. From the start to finish of every project, quality is the main objective. Before we call the job finished, we make sure that it is precisely what you wanted. Contact our roofing experts now at (502) 694-4771 and schedule your appointment with a reliable industrial roofing contractor in Louisville, KY and the nearby areas!