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Industrial Roof Coatings Are an Excellent Choice for a Wide Range of Industrial Roofing Systems.

The kind of roof you need for a commercial building can vary largely according to the type of work that business is utilized for. Roof systems with many vents or exhausts, such as those seen on manufacturing facilities need a significant amount of defense. If you own a facility roof, you will have to make sure your roofing is protected by top quality industrial roofing materials. Industrial roofs should be restored when they start to show signs of age, but they will still need special industrial roofing materials.  At JAGG Premium Roofing Systems, we offer professional services for industrial roof coatings in Louisville, KY and the nearby areas, so contact our team at (502) 694-4771 now to learn more. In addition to our industrial roof coatings for factories and warehouses, we also offer roof coating services for specialized roofs, such as those found on condos, office buildings, hospitals and some government facilities.  Whatever type of roof you have, we are here to help you make sure your building is well protected from the elements.  Call us to get started today.

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Industrial Roof Coatings Can Prevent Leaks Around the Equipment on Your Industrial Roof.

Have you ever wondered what makes common commercial roofing coatings so different from specialty industrial roof coatings? Simply put, industrial roof coatings are exposed to additional contaminants and possible damages than regular commercial roofs, so they have to be more durable. We handle this issue by using more durable coatings for industrial roof restorations. The coating on your industrial roof system will additionally need to closely form around all of the seams on the roof system from vents and exhaust. Anything that sticks out of the rooftop affords a possible leak, so it is essential to ensure they are fully sealed. Industrial roof coatings are very efficient, and will easily defend your roof while allowing you to get an additional 10 years out of its longevity.

If you want the benefits of a newer industrial roof, but you don’t want to buy an entirely new roof, an industrial roof coating may be the most effective solution! Another great benefit to enjoy is that roof coatings adhere right over your existing roof system, so you won’t need to pay to have your previous roof removed. Our industrial roof coatings in Louisville, KY are budget-friendly, efficient, and a great option. Dial (502) 694-4771 to start now, or to request an estimate from an experienced roofing contractor.